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Quality Water Treatment Services

Our Services

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Cooling Products - Products designed for the treatment of once-through, open recirculated, and hot and cold closed loop systems.

  • Corrosion/Deposition Programs custom designed for specific conditions

  • EPA Registered Oxidizing and Non-Oxidizing Biocides

  • Closed Loop Programs for hot and chilled systems

  • Start up and Pre-treatment products

  • Off-line and On-line cooling system cleanup products for organic or inorganic foulants

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Boiler Products - Products designed for the treatment of low, medium, and high-pressure boilers with a vast range of makeup water characteristics.

  • Oxygen Scavengers, volatile and inorganic

  • Precipitating and Sequestering Programs, All-Polymer, Coordinated pH/Phosphate, and All-Volatile

  • Neutralizing and Filming Amines, Organic Passivators

  • Off-line and On-line boiler cleanup products & Ion Exchange Resin and Resin Cleaners

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Wastewater Products -Products designed and approved for the treatment of multiple waste water applications.

  • Organic Coagulants

  • In-Organic Coagulants

  • Paint Detack Products

  • Best in Class Flocculant Selection

  • Commodity/Ancillary Products Available as Needed


About Hoffman Water 

Doug Hoffman, President and Founder of Hoffman Water has been in the water treatment, and specialty chemicals industry since 1998.  Mr. Hoffman received his B.S. in Chemical Engineering from The University of Cincinnati, at which time he started his career selling and servicing Industrial Customers. Working for several of the industry’s largest companies Mr. Hoffman gained broad water treatment knowledge based on industry best practices. Hoffman Water offers advanced technologies covering a complete line of industrial and commercial applications including:  Boiler, Cooling, Wastewater, Membrane products, and other specialty niche products for the water treatment market.  Additionally, Hoffman Water provides the technical and sales support required by our partners in today’s marketplace.   

“At Hoffman Water we provide Professional Service, Quality, and Value”



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